Citytools - Métiers de la ville

CityTools is a private agency, offering strategic consulting in sustainable urban planning.

Leaning on a significant experience in urban policies and public decision, CityTools facilitates projects faced with the ever growing complexity of cities.

Fostering an interdisciplinary, contemporary and prospective approach, CityTools offers a new vision of urban planning today.


The expertise of CityTools covers three complementary fields :


Design, planning, strategy, management, urban planning and environnemental regulations


Urban metabolism, sustainable neighbourhoods, green buildings, energy, urban agriculture, water, waste, resilience, circular economy


Social cohesion, social aspects of planning, appropriateness of public spaces and facilities, liveability of housings, buildings and neighborhoods.


Facilitating the city

Complexity of urban issues

The situations in which urban projects are developped are by essence multidimensional involving urban, economical, cultural, social and environnemental issues. Thanks to its interdisciplinary team, CityTools facilitates the comprehension of the various dimensions of a project and proposes relevant and efficient solutions.


Institutional complexity

Urban projects today are going through a very complex institutional process. The urbanistic and environnemental regulations are constantly evolving including multi layer dimensions that makes them more and more complicated to apprehend. Thanks to a strong legal expertise and a significant knowledge in the management of projects, CityTools is able to facilitate the path of any complex project and advise wisely the decision makers.


Territorial complexity

The evolutions in the organisation of territories invites the project owners to think outside the perimeter of their projects and question their impact on a wider, metropolitan scale. CityTools can provide a strong expertise in management of projects on a local, regional and european scale


Complexity of management

The players participating in urban management are more and more numerous and diverse. They interact in various contexts and timings. CityTools facilitates the understanding of those interactions and acts as a coordinator and mediator, in the decision making process.


Democratic complexity

We are witnessing today a redefinition of the relations between the politics, the experts, the associations, and non specialists in the urban projects. The cities are not developped withoud consultation anymore, both upstream and downstream of a process. Thanks to a solid expertise in participation process and governance, both theoretical and practical, CityTools can offer a facilitation of the public dialogue around projects.


Ecological complexity

The challenge of global warming and the ecological crisis (biodiversity, air, soil, etc) are pushing the project owners to include the environnemental dimension, further and further. CityTools proposes a high level expertise and a general strategy based on experience of management of environnementally friendly projects.

Facilitating the city : In today’s cities, public and private developers engaged in urban projects are facing an ever growing complexity. CityTools is a facilitator allowing those developers to go through complex processes successfully.

How are we working ?

Assistance to owner

We assist all the key actors in urban projects: civil servants, director of administration, project manager in a real estate company, architects, urban planners, etc. CityTools provides expertise in each step of the developpement of a project:

  • prospective and property search
  • opportunity of projects/definition of strategies
  • institutional, financial, legal organisation
  • feasibility study
  • programming
  • Architectural process
  • Masterplanning/assistance to conception
  • Temporary uses
  • Social context/participation

1. Assistance to owner

Project team

CityTools creates specific project teams in which the interdisciplinary expertise is valued : urbanism, sociology, geography, environnement are part of the analysis and of the creative process, allowing to produce realistic and efficient solutions :

  • Masterplanning
  • Territorial analysis
  • Environnemental study
  • Social diagnosis
  • Citizen participation
  • Financial & operational setting

CityTools’ network is wide and includes many architecture and planning agencies, consultancy firms, and real estates developpers, both in Belgium and abroad.

2. Project team

Research team

Thanks to the diversity of competences within its structure, CityTools is in itself a team of research-action capable of investigating a wide range of urban problematics. Its members are also involved in the organisation of projects and debates questionning the city today in all its aspects. CityTools also proposes trainings towards administrations, associations, and private entreprises.

3. Research team

In our working approach, we aim at combining a pragmatic and result-driven approach, with a scientific and academic expertise.


  • (Français) Masterplan et participation Rout Lëns

    (Français) Réalisation d’un masterplan et du processus participatif pour la reconversion du site Rout Lëns à Esch-Sur-Alzette (Luxembourg).

  • (Français) Contrat de Quartier Durable “Wiels-sur-Senne”

    (Français) Programme de rénovation urbaine portant sur un large territoire compris entre le parc de Forest et la Senne et comprend une partie les quartiers Saint Antoine, Primeurs et la friche industrielle du Charroi.

  • (Français) Contrat de Quartier Durable “Les Marolles”

    (Français) Ce programme de rénovation urbaine porte sur le territoire des Marolles, quartier populaire emblématique de Bruxelles. Il s’agit d’un quartier densément peuplé, qui possède une identité forte.

  • (Français) Passerelle de l’arche

    (Français) Développement et encadrement du processus participatif pour le projet « Passerelle de l’Arche »

  • (Français) Contrat de Rénovation Urbaine Citröen-Vergote

    (Français) Etude urbanistique, opérationnelle et programmation sur le périmètre du contrat de rénovation urbaine Citröen-Vergote incluant un travail de terrain permettant de nourrir une vision de projet.

  • (Français) Stade Constant Vanden Stock

    (Français) Etude urbanistique et de potentiel programmatique en vue de la reconversion du stade Constant-Vanden-Stock et proposition de développement d'un nouveau pôle d’attractivité en coeur de commune.

  • (Français) Rive droite

    (Français) Mission de programmation, prospective territoriale et économique sur le territoire Rive Droite constituant une vaste zone économique mono-fonctionnelle.

  • (Français) Étude Commerces

    (Français) Etude visant à définir une stratégie de management commercial pour les biens de la Régie de la Ville de Bruxelles situés aux alentours du nouveau piétonnier.


    (Français) Masterplan à l’échelle du campus incluant des propositions urbanistiques, paysagères et programmatiques accompagné d'une mission opérationnelle visant à définir le programme architectural détaillé de l’école.

  • (Français) European Green Capital

    (Français) Mission d'organisation du prix "European Green Capital" de la commission européenne incluant l’évaluation technique des villes candidates.

  • Primeurs – Pont de Luttre

    (Français) Réalisation du dossier de base du Contrat de Quartier Primeurs-Pont de Luttre avec proposition d'une stratégie de développement du projet phare “Diver­City” qui comprend un parc et d’un pôle d’équipements.

  • (Français) Concours | Plan Aménagement Directeur Porte de Ninove

    (Français) Le PAD vise à définir une vision urbaine au travers d’un schéma directeur et un volet règlementaire permettant de cadrer les projets avec une certaine précision.